Disclaimer: I have made this blog for the intent to show loved ones what we've been up to lately. I also want to one day print it out and have it as a journal for the kids. I am not doing this to brag at all. I just thought this is a great way for you all to see what life's been like for us and what we've been doing. I love to see other people's blogs and see their pictures and see what they've been up to. That's all I'm doing here. Thank you!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bowler family Photo Shoot at the St. George Temple

 While we were down in St. George over Thanksgiving, we decided to get a family photo shoot with the Bowler clan. I think they turned out pretty great, thanks to Uncle Larry and his photographer expertise. He did such a great job. So thank you again, Uncle Larry. You are a pro.
 I wish we could've gotten a smile out of Quincy, but I will take it.
 This is one of all the Bowler grandchildren.
 I love the pictures with the leaves in them.
 We were the first there, so we got our pictures done first. So this was when everyone showed up. Can you tell, look at Luke waving. It turned out cute in the picture.
 The kids wanted so much to throw the leaves in the air, so this was the last shot taken.
 The Bowler Family
This was a picture I took on Thanksgiving day of the boys. Jason was missed that day because he had to work up north, so I took this one for him on that day and texted it to him. We wanted to tell him how much he was missed that day. He works so hard for us and we love him so much!!

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